Switzerland has voluntarily decided to join the EU's energy-saving measures

Switzerland is voluntarily joining the EU's energy-saving targets and will implement the policy through the winter of 2023-2024, according to a published statement on the country's Federal Council website.

"The Federal Council has decided to renew at the Swiss level the EU energy conservation goal on a voluntary basis. In this way, Switzerland will contribute to lower wholesale prices and strengthen security of supply in Europe," the document said.

The authorities specify that the goal is to reduce electricity consumption in Switzerland by 10% from January to March 2023 and in November and December 2023 compared to the average of the past five years.

"The Federal Council has also decided to continue the energy conservation campaign through the winter of 2023-2024," the statement adds.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has not renewed its EU price-cutting policy because of the country's low inflation rate.

The Swiss authorities have previously presented a plan to save energy depending on the level of threat of energy shortages, among the proposed measures - limiting the temperature of washing in the washing machine to 40 degrees Celsius, as well as reducing to 100 kilometers per hour the allowed speed on highways.

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