The opinion of the Swiss human rights organization on the situation in Moldova was commented on the air of Radio Sputnik by political scientist Alexander Nosovich.

The Swiss human rights organization Solidaritätsnetz International considers the reasons for the introduction of the state of emergency in Moldova to be "deliberately far-fetched," reports Sputnik Moldova.

The state of emergency is an attempt to hide failures in the social sphere and reforms, the organization believes, extracts from its statement cited by Sputnik Moldova in its Telegram channel.

According to Solidaritätsnetz International, the Moldovan authorities "use dirty methods to fight political rivals and the opposition.

A state of emergency has been in effect in Moldova since February 24 because of the situation in Ukraine. At the end of last week, the state of emergency commission suspended the licenses of six opposition TV stations.

Alexander Nosovich, a political scientist and editor-in-chief of, commented on the opinion of Swiss human rights defenders on the air of Radio Sputnik.

"Such conclusions of Western non-governmental organizations are very painful for the Moldovan ruling regime because it is entirely oriented to the West and the support of its actions by NATO countries, the European Union and other European countries is the guarantee of its survival. That's why when criticism of the actions of (Moldovan President) Maia Sandu comes not from Russia, not from Belarus, but from European countries, especially such as Switzerland, it is very painful for them. And this hits very hard the popularity of Maia Sandu, whose popularity has already fallen below the lowest mark," said Alexandru Nosovici.