A steel ball containing 230 liters of gin was stolen from the bottom of Lake Constance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, a steel ball with 230 liters of gin stored there was stolen from the bottom of Lake Constance on the border with Austria and Germany, reports iamexpat.

The producer of the drink immersed it for 100 days at the bottom of the lake for infusion. The gin was poured into an 800-kilogram steel ball attached to a concrete block. When employees arrived to retrieve the load, it was discovered that it had disappeared.

A search involving divers and water police followed, but was unsuccessful. The operation concluded that the drink had been stolen.

Sello Fish, head of the production company, declared that the cargo had been taken by professionals and explained that it had taken boats and special equipment to lift it from the seabed.

In addition, the company said there was another problem: inside the balloon there were almost 400 bottles of gin, most of which had already been sold, and now customers will not be able to get a drink on time.